The Joy of Fishing

Wondering what could be done over the weekend and have some time to be alone?

Try fishing. Its lot of fun and you definitely deserve one, if you haven’t gone for fishing yet. Besides fun, fishing is a common hobby for many and a great way to get relief from stress and improve mental as well as physical well being. 2015 fishing statistics shows over 46 million people in America are addicted to fishing and consider it as one of the popular outdoor activities for adults. Unlike other sports like football, fishing is an activity that anyone could be good at by spending time on water and learning the right techniques.

There are many benefits of fishing, but this article is to talk more about the joy of fishing with  la paz charters.

1. Thrill: In this game of fishing sometimes you win and sometimes you loose but its a way of fulfilling the need of chasing and catching. The thrill lies in the challenge of finding a fish and then determining how to catch it. The excitement of fighting a fish although you may not be successful is incredible.

2. Eat the fish: Fishing is more fun when you eat the fish that you have caught. Freshly caught fish are better in taste than the ones available in the market. Interesting fact about wild fish are, they low in cholesterol but rich in protein. Eating the fish that you caught tastes more compared to the fish that you buy from the market.

3. Being Alone: If the daily schedule keeps you busy and you are not getting time for yourself then why not go for fishing. A common response from any angler when asked as to what they like about fishing is “freedom”. Being alone with nature rejuvenate your energy and lets you feel the peace and calmness of the silent nature around you.

4. Social Bonding: Going on a fishing trip with family and friend strengthen our relationship. Spending time with family helps boost feeling of security. The actual joy of fishing lies when you see kids getting excited with the sight of a caught fish. What makes it all worth is, when you see the kids going crazy and the expression of joy on their face. Fishing trip with family and friends can be a great idea to bond amongst each other. Fishing is a great pass time when you are on a picnic or on a outing with family.

5. Recreation: Mostly people like fishing because of its fun and it helps them to releases their stress. Stress have severe impacts on our body and affects physical and mental wellbeing. The calmness of nature surely brings the stress level down. Have you ever felt the touch of still water on your feet? Its a human tendency that we think positive when are around water.

Nothing can be more fun than remembering those moments of how you caught the fish on your fishing trip over the dinner table. If you are still not convinced with the fun filled activity of fishing then all we can say is “Give it a try and find out yourself “