Reasons why it is hard to lose weight

Why is losing weight so hard? It’s because there are so several factors involved. The U.S. surgeon general says “for each body; weight is a mixture of genetic, metabolic, behavioral, environmental, cultural and socioeconomic influences.” Which means that if we are attempting to lose weight, we need to observe all of these components, including the genetic ones, although we cannot use that being an excuse, as the genetics only compose under 15% of all influences.

Having said that, numerous people have successfully achieved that goal. Thus, losing weight is just difficult if we are not totally committed to achieving our weight goal. If a person put a gun to your head and said that they would kill you in case you didn’t lose 50 pounds, would you allow them to kill you? After you have decided you want to lose weight and become healthy and vibrant nothing in the world could remove you from that goal. You are truly only ONE decision from achieving your goal. The mindset you receive using that choice will help you overcome ALL challenges along the way. Some of these difficulties are:

1. Food cravings, food sensitivities, and allergies: These can be easily healed through cleansing and detoxifying as well as through a food elimination process and enzymes.

2. Emotional obstacles may represent challenging in the beginning for changing habits needs time to work and conscious effort. Unless there are serious medical issues involved, weight reduction is 80% psychology in support of 20% being aware what to complete. This is why among the stages in the eight step process of Diet for any New Life is “Emotional Mastery.”

3. Social and cultural challenges: Our culture does not support us in losing weight. We are social beings and that we are constantly being bombarded with messages that encourage us to consume this and that which ultimately leads to an unhealthy lifestyle. The result’s obvious: every other person in our world dies of a heart attack or coronary heart disease, and each third person dies of cancer. In addition to our unhealthy eating and lifestyle habits, our friends offer us processed foods and the media feeds us profit driven unhealthy messages by what you should be eating, drinking, wearing, smoking and thinking. We have developed a society where normal foods and lifestyle are unhealthy. This is not because our friends or the media can be harmful. It is dependent on how successful we are as a society.

4. The Power of the Directed Mind: It is essential to look at how are you affected inside our heads to find out if we have contradictory messages which are preventing us from losing weight or keeping it off. An example of a contradictory message is a woman who was abused as a child will frequently be unable to keep weight off. Gaining weight was a protection mechanism to appear ugly to the abuser. Losing weight and becoming attractive will be towards her need to protect herself. To keep weight off, she’d have to find out at a subconscious level that the abuser is no longer in a position to hurt her which as an adult she has other means open to protect herself that she did not have as a child.

Emotional growing up is an essential ingredient to weight success. Contradictory messages are not always so dramatic but frequently are just as compelling as this example. Thus, losing weight is often hard because we’re sabotaging inside us our minds and that we can alter that. If you want an easier weight loss experience, you’ve gotta take a look at