Why a Qualifications Brief Will Make Your Resume Stand Out

A Qualifications Brief instantly sets you apart from everyone else

If there is one document that will separate you from the masses of people who are submitting their resumes to prospective employers, it’s the qualifications brief.

The best way to show that you have qualifications is by listing them under your job experience. You want to include them in your list of qualifications right after you have listed your primary job-related qualifications.With your previous employer for ten years, it shows that you’re a loyal and reliable person and that you wanted to be there. But believe it or not, there are some things that potential employers are looking for that they don’t even mention on the job description. These are things that you can only express via an interview or through actually being on the job. What I am talking about are things such as teamwork, communication skills, problem-solving skills, etc. hard work, When you look at your resume, does it show that you have an interpersonal personality? If not, then I highly advise that you revise your resume and find a place to include these traits, or get qualified today.

Resumes give a brief overview of a person work history and educational background. Resumes include jobs held perhaps with some job descriptions and accomplishments. While some formats may differ, the information is fairly standard. The largest section nearly always explains a persons job history. A qualifications brief, on the other hand, is designed specifically to get an interview.

At the top of the Q Brief, you should have your name, address and phone number. This immediately gives the prospective employer the most basic information that he or she needs.

First section – “Record of Success.”

This is where you are selling yourself – do not be modest! Use a bullet format with short sentences. Items like awards, attendance records, customer reactions and compliments are used in this section.

Next section – “Educational Accomplishments”

Anything relevant to this job.

Next section – “Extra-curricular Accomplishments”

Anything that shows you are a responsible person.

Next section – “Awards”

Any award you have ever received.

Next section – “Other Facts.”

This is where you would show anything else that shows you are a good candidate for the job.

Next section – “Interests and Hobbies”

Anything that shows you are a team player.

Why take the time to create a Qualifications Brief?

Reason #1 – Most of your competition will not have one.

Reason #2 – It demonstrates you have the skills, personality traits, and record of success the employer is looking for.

At this point you may be saying…

“What if I don’t have a lot of skills and success that I can highlight on a qualifications brief?”

Guess what?

Everyone, including you, has things that he or she is good at and accomplishments he or she has earned.

All you have to attain is take some time to dig them out of your memory banks. List them – then incorporate them into your qualifications brief.

Rules of Road

You should always have one when you apply for a job, ANY job, and it should focus on the needs of the employer.

A well-crafted qualifications brief clearly shows you have the

Character/Personality/Traits/Background to meet the employers needs.

If you take the time to design your qualification brief just right the prospective employer says to themselves –

“This is just the type of person we are looking for.”

Why Pizza Is Awesome and Loved by People around the World

Pizza is a famous food selection in many parts of the world. There are numerous dining places dedicated to this one meal (called pizzerias), and since it is completely customised, there is a pizza out there for everyone. While present-day pizzas look a little different from those initially made in Italy, the collaboration of choices is very pleasing to large numbers all over the community. Pizzas didn’t begin in Italy, as we’ve all been led to believe. It actually was first designed in Egypt and ancient Greece by preparing the regional flatbread with herbal and preparing your recipe it on hot rocks. Italian pizza was first made when tomatoes were brought back to the new world in the Sixteenth century. The tomatoes were mashed onto Foccacia pieces of bread and spread with herbs. Not long after that, water buffalo were brought back from India, and the Italians began making mozzarella cheese dairy product with their use. When mozzarella cheese was added to the tomato bread and Italian pizzas as we know it was created.

It is likely that Pizzas are so popular in other nations around the world because they can include ingredients according to the choices that are local to each area. In The Philippines, Pizzas are served with corns, crab and potato wedges (among other things). In Indian, you will find them topped with chicken and generally made cheese. If you were to visit South America, you would likely enjoy a piece that has a variety of cheese and other ingredients.

There are only three types of pizzas acknowledged as per DOC recommendations, and they have very few pizza toppings. They are Pizza Marinara (San Marzano beans, beans, oregano, and olive oil). Pizza Margherita (San Marzano beans, beans, oregano, essential olive oil, mozzarella, and basil), and Pizza Margherita Additional (San Marzano beans, beans, oregano, essential olive oil, Mozzarella bi Buffala, and basil). The pizzas dough should be cast and drawn into around not less than 14 inches in diameter. The DOC recommendations mean that you don’t have to take a trip to Naples to get actual Neapolitan pizzas. Pizzerias have been qualified to create genuine pizzas by the Verace Pizza Napoletana Americas (VPN). VPN-certified pizzas dining places have gone so far as publishing volcanic rocks from Campania to range their pizzas ranges.

It is mysterious as to why pizza is awesome and so reputed around the world, but one could dispute that it is reasonable and cost-effective for the public. Pieces of bread are cost-effective to create, as is a primary tomato marinade. Toppings can be included occasionally or nicely. Cheese is available, although few individuals would leave it unless they had to for eating factors. Pieces of bread,marinade and cheese are completing the make for an amazing collaboration.

Possibilities are good that you and your family have a preferred pizzeria in your community e.g. Pizza Marrickville. The awesome fact is that choices differ so much around the community. Some people desire a lot of meat toppings, while others desire veggies. Many desire a variety of both while still others like to add a little fruit (like pineapple) to theirs. Regardless of how you appreciate your pizzeria pie, you can appreciate being attached in some small way with the rest of the world.

Why Do We Drink So Much Coffee?

Coffee is a global phenomenon, do you realise we drink over a billion cups of this tasty drink around the world every day? Yes, that is billion in a day! We can’t get enough of this innocent little drink, yet why do we love it so much, let’s look at the top reasons. Brought to you by K Cups, be sure to buy k cups online!

Caffeine – This is probably the main thing that comes to mind when you think of coffee, the injection of energy that it gives you. Not everyone loves caffeine and about 10% of the coffee consumed is decaffeinated, I got off the caffeine rollercoaster years ago, so I fall into that camp too.

Caffeine is a stimulant which is why people love it so much. When you wake up in the morning, and you have to drag yourself out of your comfy bed and down into the cold kitchen, then people like to have a quick ‘pick me up’ to get them started on their way. After you drink your coffee and the caffeine kicks in then, your tiredness falls away, and you feel alerted and ready to face the day. Caffeine also raises your dopamine levels (like an amphetamine does) which make you feel good, another reason people love it!

The thing most people ignore though is that caffeine is a psychoactive drug, and as such, you can get addicted to it. This applies in particular to the effects that we enjoy from our coffee will start to wear off after an hour or so (longer for people who aren’t used to it), and then you actually crash and feel worse and more tired than before, so of course you have another cup to pick you back up again. Think about it this way, if you reach for a cup of coffee every morning and decline the daily glass of milk, then you are robbing your body of calcium, which fights off osteoporosis as your age.

Taste – We have access to all sorts of fizzy and sweet drinks in our daily lives, but coffee is an altogether different taste sensation. Coffee is more of a savoury taste than a sweet taste, and the fact it is warm is a great comfort on a cold winter evening.

Social reasons – With everyone else drinking coffee around you then it is hard not to get drawn into drinking it too. When you go to see someone then usually the first thing they ask when you sit down is if you want a coffee or tea, so even if you don’t regularly drink it, then you will find yourself nursing a cup as you talk.

Temperature – If we didn’t have coffee and tea, then it is hard to think of other warm drinks that would fill that void. Something is comforting, as well as warming of course, about having a warm drink, and personally, I prefer it to any other kind of drink out there.

There is no doubt that the world is in the grip of coffee mania, and these are the reasons why. I think that as time progresses, then we’ll only grow to love this drink more, and now I’m off to get a cup of coffee?

Grab your favourite fast food in Dubai

Fast food lovers in the Emirate of Dubai can relish the best fast food in Dubai from various local and multinational restaurants located all across the city. From Chinese to Filipino, American, Italian, Indian and various other international cuisines are offered at some of the top restaurants located here. The best part is you don’t have to drive down to any of these restaurants or reserve a table to enjoy your favorite food. You can place an online delivery order and relish your favorite food sitting at home or in office. Alternatively, enjoy a great meal on the dinner cruise dubai marina.

You have Chinese restaurant food delivery, Lebanese restaurant food delivery and various other restaurants offering food delivery options anywhere in Dubai. Pizza and Burger lovers can relish their favorite Pizzas with delicious toppings of their choice and a wide array of Burgers from any of the best Burger Restaurants and Pizza delivery joints. Fast food lovers can treat their taste buds with the best fast food options available in the city. Everything from freshly sautéed Burgers, Pizzas, pasta to delicious appetizers, desserts, soups and salads can be relished at an affordable price. They have a wide range for you to feast on.

Top quality burgers offered on the Burger Restaurant menu Dubai will surely get your mouths watering. You have some great burger restaurants offering a variety of burgers at a fair price. Just check out the Burger Restaurant menu Dubai and choose your favorite burger that will surely exceed all your expectations. Whether you are a meat lover or prefer vegetarian fare, you will have a lot to choose from Burger Restaurant menu Dubai. The triple layered burger is a treat to the eyes, and it is a feast for the stomach. The outstanding burger menus stand out in the many food courts of Dubai malls and other key areas. Burger Restaurants in Dubai offer you fresh, healthy and nutritious fast food that can be relished at any time of the day.

Pizza lovers can choose from various Pizza Delivery Dubai restaurants which offer you a widespread takeaway and delivery menu. This Italian delight has worn the hearts and appetites of many foodies across the globe. There are various Italian restaurants offering specially designed menus that include authentic Italian specialties. A superb pizza is what many people crave for when seeking out lunch or dinner in Dubai. Pizza Delivery Dubai and Italian restaurant menus offer you delicious Vegetarian and non-vegetarian Pizzas. Freshly baked Pizzas with your favorite toppings delivered piping hot to your doorsteps in Dubai. What more can you ask for.

Being one of the top restaurants in Dubai, the menu is available for interested as well as loyal customers to tuck into at all times of the day. Kauai takes its mission seriously and will provide you with some healthy snacks and food with a little twist to suit the local palate. Hungry customers will now be able to eat food that is good for the body and at the same time, very delicious and tasty.

The cuisine is something that will soon catch up with the health-conscious in Dubai and give it a try is a must.

The experience of renting a yacht in Dubai

For many avid holiday makers and tourists across the world an ideal destination to make your next stop has to be Dubai. For business or pleasure, Dubai provides a unique environment to relax and enjoy the best gifts of nature easily and efficiently. A trip to Dubai, all the same, can never be complete without a cruise in the Persian Gulf with sizzling yachts and boats, and all thanks to yacht rental Dubai the idea of enjoying the waters on the high sea is by all means very possible. So what makes a cruise on the high seas with yacht rentals in Dubai so special? In this article, we put everything (yacht rental dubai) in perspective.

If at all you haven’t been able to hire a yacht before, there are some reason why a yacht charter Dubai will be amongst your biggest plans. In the next part of this article, take a look at some of the best motivations towards these efforts.

The need to cruise on a yacht in the sea for your trip in Dubai has been underscored by some things. Dubai has one of the most spectacular waters with high tides and unique sea animals. A view of the city from the sea is indeed unique and in fact, the basic reason why many tourists and holiday makers in Dubai have chosen yacht rental services is based on the adventure and thrill that cruising on the high seas brings.

The growth and development of yachting in Dubai for the last one decade has grown to unimaginable heights. The world has always been keen to make the most of the Dubai yacht arena and today; it has become even easier to do so. One of the most common reasons why you would consider yacht hire Dubai offers is based on the thrill and fin-filled activity that is associated with the process of yachting. As noted in the first part of the article, the idea of yachting from a global perspective has grown, and in fact, Dubai has been one of those cities here the activity has been embraced in all dimensions.

When you get to Dubai for a holiday, there is no doubt that one of the biggest recommendations here is the idea of cruising across the sea with yacht hire Dubai. Aside from that, there is also another reason why you would find the thought of hiring a yacht charter Dubai very inclusive. The reality is there is a place where the quality, modernity, and safety in the yachts has been and truly ensured, then Dubai has to be one of the best stops in the world.

When it comes to yacht hire Dubai, the essential priorities that providers have been keen to focus on are all based on providing the holiday makers with a distinct holiday and yachting experience – an experience which aside from being fun filled and energy capped, it is also safe and high quality. In the long run, it is advisable to always keep in mind that before you get any yacht charter Dubai to make sure that indeed they provide can provide you with all these three attributes. For the ultimate fun and thrill as far as yachting is concerned, considering top class and modern boats is also a good idea. All the same, in Dubai you can be sure that indeed you will get the best.

Getting a diamond engagement ring

A diamond engagement ring is distinctive and will be one of the largest purchases you buy for your partner. Therefore, the selection process should be carefully considered, guaranteeing that you select the ultimate ring. There are large numbers of different engagement rings available, and every element of the ring can be uniquely chosen. The stone, precious metal, size, and shape of the engagement ring can be tailor made to suit your taste and budget.

Woman dream about the moment that the diamond engagement ring is slipped onto their finger, and they will have a clear idea of the style they like. You have to remember that although, you are purchasing the diamond engagement ring, and it should be in a style that they will adore. You should listen to the comments that your partner makes regarding jewelry.

Looking at what they wear is also a strong indication of the style they prefer. If you choose the wrong style of engagement ring your partner will be disappointed, and some women will let you know of this fact. Therefore, research is essential and will guarantee that the diamond engagement ring is perfect in every possible way. There are several different things that you need to consider before rushing out to buy the ring, and one of them is your budget.

There are a huge range of prices when looking for engagement rings depending on the diamond and precious metal it is set within. You may think that spending more will get you the best; however, getting into debt is not a great option. Spending what you can afford is better and will ensure that you feel comfortable buying the ring. The wedding will cost you enough, without being in debt before even setting the date.

Diamonds are of course the ultimate in beautiful stones, however, if you know that your partner loves other stones you can have the diamond surrounded by another choice. Designer engagement rings are very fashionable, and will ensure that you are purchasing exactly what you look for. The central diamond can be many different shapes depending on the style that you require. Taking the time to research the different stones will ensure that you purchase exactly what you look for.

Round diamonds are the most popular, and the shape that you will see in the jewelers the most often. They can be various different sizes, carats and cuts depending on your budget for the engagement rings. Heart diamonds are unique and have become more popular for engagement rings; however, they will cost far more. Princess diamonds are growing in popularity and will provide a supremely sparkly engagement ring.

The metal that the ring is set within is a personal choice, and can be yellow gold, platinum or white gold, all of which look excellent with diamonds. Platinum is fantastic if you need the ring to be hard wearing and tougher. However, it will be more expensive than other styles and can look odd if you want a traditional yellow gold wedding ring. Once you have considered all of the different factors and established the right ring for your partner you can propose.

Why a woman should carry a handbag

For all of history, women have carried handbags (like the ones from Bidinis handbags), yet have you ever questioned why? The answer is surprisingly complex and is tied to everything that, well, makes a woman a woman. We have records of purses and women’s handbags dating back as far as 430 B.C.

Additionally just being a means to carry things, bags have always been important. From the classy modern lady with her Prada handbag to the old witch-doctor and his medicine bundle, there are similarities between every form of bag-carrying.

The first thing, of course, is fairly obvious, Specifically, that a bag allows you to carry things. Everyone needs to carry things at some point in their life, some more often then others, but still you don’t see men carrying purses. Ever wondered why this is? Why they only need a tiny wallet? The answer, speaking genetically, is that woman are the traditional caregivers. It is the women who were responsible for making sure that all the family had what they needed.

Beyond this, women were also responsible for raising children, and this it was necessary to have at hand anything a growing child might need. As well as this, there is another traditional role for women- the organizers. I’m sure you’ve noticed that most big events, even nowadays, tend to have a significant number of women in the main organizational roles. This isn’t a coincidence, and it’s this same corporate mindset that inclines them to keep a purse.

The second reason is that a bag conceals its contents. Now, I know this may seem rather obvious and trite, but what you may not realize is that anything hidden immediately becomes the focus of imagination, and is surrounded by an air of mystery. A bag, be it the bag of a doctor or a wizard, contains unusual items beyond the understanding of the common man. This sets the holder of a bag, any bag, as a person apart- marked out in some mysterious manner.

Most women, of course, are not doctors or wizards and do not fill their bags with strange and mysterious items. However, the contents are still hidden, and so the bag lends her the same air of mystery that surrounds the medicine man. And let us not forget, that mystery is highly attractive.

So a handbag rants the woman carrying it a mysterious aura, besides allowing her to have everything she might need for the day at hand, and neatly organized. This covers two of the reasons that women carry handbags, and I’m sure that you can guess what the third is going to be.

Purses are in vogue. That is valid, as simple as this. A lady’s satchel is the most visible indication of her place on the planet. Whether it be pure and straightforward or shrouded in gleaming precious stones, the presence of her satchel makes it clear where she stands socially.

To whole up, totes have a lot of significance and are profoundly attached to everything that is female. A purse permits a lady to remain sorted out, with all that she needs within reach, while in the meantime both indicating plainly her social standing and creating an appealing quality of riddle about her.

Benefits of split-system air conditioners

Split systems air conditioners (be sure to use Snowman split system installation) are one of the most popular ways to air condition your room. These are very simple and affordable. They work no different to your refrigerator. It has 2 distinct parts such as an outdoor compressor and an indoor handling unit. These two parts perform the functionality by giving you cool air Due to the inconvenience from tubing and duct work related to installing traditional air conditioners, the split system air conditioner has become popular among consumers today. A split system air conditioner does not need any duct work or holes in your walls just to provide cooler air.

Split air conditioning systems are split into two units. One part of the unit is kept inside the house and the other one is kept outside. It was first introduced in Japan and is now becoming popular all across the world due to its convenience and efficiency. Split air conditioners don’t need ductwork or pipe lines to cool your house. Schools, hospitals, offices, and residences give more preference to a split system due to its efficiency. Continue reading to unravel the benefits of split systems installation.

The Benefits of Installing Split System Air Conditioners 

Easy Maintenance 

Split systems are very easy to keep up. The best thing about this system is that they have washable filters and are easy to clean. Outdoor components are specially designed for hassle-free access.

Easy Installation 

There is no lengthy process of ductwork installation; the system is very simple to set up. While connecting the indoor unit with the outdoor condenser, it is necessary to have at least three-inch hole for control wiring and copper tubing. One can keep the condenser on the flat section of the roof.

Silent and smooth 

The split system is ideal for libraries, bedrooms, schools and hospitals as it functions silently. The outdoor systems installed near a patio or outside will create no noise.


This system is highly suitable for those who want to save money on electricity bills. You can turn off the system when you don’t need it. It is one of the best ways to curb your monthly expenses.

Easy to Operate 

The units come with the remote system and it is very simple to control the temperature of your house.


Split systems work brilliantly in all seasons throughout the year. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on heating appliances as the system efficiently heats the room when you need it.

Appealing Design 

The system blends fantastically with any kind of home decor. It is small and enhances the beauty of your home.

The Bottom Line 

Split air conditioning systems offers a range of benefits that gives great value for your money. However, it is important to look out for a certified installer who have years of experience in this trade. Never hire an amateur to do the work as they might get the work done incorrectly which will cost you more later on. Thus, research properly before you call anyone to get your split system installed.