Apple iPad and Its Accessories

In addition to a host of third-party accessories that are already hitting the store shelves, Apple has decided to offer its fans a brand new set of accessories for its iPad, which includes a keyboard-less charging dock that adjusts the photo frame mode of the iPad ($29), a dock integrated physical keyboard ($69), a leather case that offers double kickstand protection ($40), and a camera connection kit that incorporates both an SD and a USB adapter to import pictures from any digital camera ($30). Learn more at It’s Play Time.

For those interested in augmenting the quality of their presentations with the iPad, the device sports a VGA adapter ($30) that can be connected to the computer monitor or projector. Video output can be run only with certain applications such as the Keynote. Output resolution is greatest at 1,024 X 768 pixels, so it is advisable to keep the HD outlooks in check.

Although not much is known in detail about the accessories that the new Apple device will have to offer, it is certain that a good-quality protective case will make a fine investment. Also, given that the user will have the option of using a simple wall adapter to charge his iPad, $29 seems fair enough for the charging dock that can transform an otherwise technology-oriented gadget into an appealing electronic photo frame.

Apple is for supplying their replacement batteries, especially in the iPod, iPhone, and more recent models of the Macbook and Macbook Pro. In these devices, it is tough for the end user to replace the internal battery. Apple prefers the devices be sent to one of their authorized tech centers for a battery replacement.

Although more recent Apple devices are all but off limits when it comes to replacing the battery, replacement batteries for some older models of Apple laptops and even some versions of the iPod are available from 3rd party manufacturers. Although replacing an iPod battery requires some patience and skill, replacing an Apple laptop battery is a simple plug-and-play procedure. In fact, many users find it profitable to keep a spare charged Apple laptop battery on hand to increase the laptop’s portability when away from a wall outlet or other power source.

Also, many manufacturers have produced external batteries that can be used with Apple laptops, the iPod, and the iPhone. External iPod batteries and external iPhone batteries act as portable “chargers” that connect to the device through the charging port for an extra supply of power.

While the trend with Apple seems to be non-replaceable batteries, we will continue to carry batteries for Apple laptops and other devices for as long as possible.
Another attractive accessory of the iPad is its wireless Bluetooth function that resembles the one offered by iPod Touch and iPhone 3GS regarding its audio capabilities. In fact, when the Bluetooth headset of Altec Lansing BackBeat stereo was used to test the Bluetooth capabilities of the iPad, its audio quality was found to go beyond one’s expectations with results matching those of the third generation Touch. These capabilities allow for peer-to-peer networks for gaming as well as supporting the wireless keyboard to enable compatible writing apps.